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What should I do with all the new Bible scriptures that I've memorized?

One of the benefits of RHEMAin is that you will memorize 8 - 10 new bible scriptures by the end of the game session. The question now becomes, "what should I do with all of the new bible scriptures that I've memorized?"

The answer to that question is simply....don't stop reciting the scriptures.

I've included some pictures of my scripture memorization box. Whenever I memorize a new scripture, I add it to the box and continue to recite and meditate regularly. I effectively refer to this devotional time as my Disco/Reco time (disconnect / reconnect). This is where I disconnect from work during the day and reconnect with God.

This box may be looked at as "old fashioned," but it works! Our Lord should never be considered "Old Fashioned" and likewise our practices of spending time with Him should never become classified as such.

As you will see in the below pictures, the scriptures are systematically arranged in the scripture box (Daily, Odd, Even, etc). If you want to take your scripture memorization to the next level, check out the below Youtube video and take note of the system:


Here's a couple pics of my old scripture Box: RHEMAin was born from my use of this box

As you can tell, those divider tabs have been USED!

Here's my brand new scripture box:

After you've built your scripture box please share a picture. We should delight in the Word of God together as the Body of Christ. If you want to trick your box out with cool stickers (picture below) then send me an email at mross@revelatorgames.com and I'll send you a sticker sheet.....while supplies last!


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