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Chriatian boardgame for groups


Boargame for christians

Owned and operated by Mike Ross

Hi, I'm Mike. As far back as I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed playing board games. Some of my best memories involve being huddled around a table playing a board game with my family and friends. It was through board games (not sports) that I was initially introduced to my competitive nature. For most of my adult life, I’ve wanted to create my own board game, and in early 2020 a series of life events catapulted me into a space of thinking outside the box...

In January of 2020, I was laid off for the first time in my career.  I’ve worked consistently since turning 16 years of age so this layoff was received with a little bit of discouragement.  Nonetheless, the severance package offered provided short-term financial security which in turn enabled me to make peace with the situation. Shortly after the layoff, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared that we were in a state of pandemic. 

Through all of the events of early 2020, I maintained focus on Jesus. My worship life never wavered… in fact I experienced a Spiritual Boost. As I sat at home, and decompressed from the anxieties of corporate America, God encouraged me not to allow the Pandemic to interfere with his kingdom work. His agenda is of higher importance than anything that our government can declare. As a small group leader, He showed me the urgency and importance of staying connected when the world was moving toward separation. My first game creation “RHEMAin” was born as a result.

How REMAin came to be

Boardgame for faith building

Before there was a challenge dice, we had a challenge box. My daughter added pictures to give the box character.

The Lego girl and the monkey were the most popular pawn. My favorite was the blue bear. 

Scripture memorization game
Our games

These were the starting point our first scripture cards. A tried and true medium for memorizing vocabulary, math, and other subjects in school.

Learn about RHEMAin

Boardgame for christians
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