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faith building boardgame

How You Can Help

As you engage in building community as outlined in the Book of Acts, I would love to hear stories and see pictures of your fellowship while engaged in our activities. While playing the games, you will experience highs and lows. Some will experience being swapped from first place to last place and many will be humbled…we especially want to see those pictures 😊



Send us pics

Send us a glimpse into your Revelator Games Night and we’ll post the pictures on this page!  Please email pictures to


Make it weekly

Make our games part of your weekly fellowship and continue to invite friends and family out to fellowship.

Game of faith
Game for small groups


Send Us Feedback

Provide feedback by using the link below or send an email to



Donate to our Kickstarter fundraiser and help us make RHEMAin a reality!

Game to build fellowship

We would love your help as we continue to expand the Revelator Games community!

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