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Young Volunteers



We are so thankful to be apart of such a passionate community. Hearing stories and receiving your reviews has added to the fulfilling nature of this journey.


We would love to journey along-side you as you engage in our small group Bible study activities. RHEMAin has been a part of our small group life since April 2020 and we’ve learned a lot. 

Here's How We Can Stay Connected


1. Read The Blog

Check out The Blog page for tips and additional instructions.

2. Send Feedback

Read through our Q&A’s and send additional questions through the Contact Us page

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3. Review Us

It would mean so much to us if you would leave a review

4. Join Us

Join our newsletter and/or follow us on social media

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5. Pray

Continue to pray for us, as well as your group, as we live out the Great Commission 

We would love your help as we continue to expand the Revelator Games community!

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