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  • How do you keep track of pawn placement on the board game from week to week?
    Keep track of weekly progress by filling in the score sheets. Keep track of player pawn assignments on the bottom of the score sheet using player initials. Then fill in the color pawn on the game board layout above. Make sure that you date the score sheet.
  • Is the game administrator allowed to play the game?
    Yes, the person(s) leading the group should play as well
  • What happens if I don’t remember my scripture?
    If you don’t put in the work learning the scripture then you aren’t allowed to partake in the gameplay for that day.Nonetheless, it’s up to the game administrator.This game is highly customizable, and the group should set the rules. I always allow each person one pass while encouraging them commit to the journey.
  • What should we do with used scripture cards?
    Keep all used scripture cards away from unused scripture cards. Keep all unused scripture cards in the tuckboxes, and stack all used scripture cards elsewhere.
  • When playing with teenagers, I’ve noticed that it’s difficult to get them to share during the scripture discussion. What should I do?
    When playing with teens, the small group leader or game administrator should prepare for each session by producing open-ended questions for each of the teen’s scriptures. This requires a little extra work, but it provides for a rich conversation on the bible scriptures.
  • As the game administrator, are their other ways to maximize the game experience?
    Great Question!As the game administrator, you should be on the lookout for certain types of scriptures from week to week.Specifically, look for opportunities to discuss important topics such as baptism, tithing, evangelism, and other Christian lifestyle related scriptures.This game is a tool for discipleship and will provide as a platform to grow spiritually.
  • What’s coming next?
    RHEMAin Journal Scripture Card Expansion Packs: Books of Wisdom, Discipleship, and I Declare War - Spiritual Warfare Pack
  • What happens if a player forgets to record the scripture pulled during gameplay?
    After a scripture is assigned to an individual it is important to either write down the scripture or take a picture. In the past, I've had packs of blank index cards available to handout so that people could write down their scriptures. This is exactly why the RHEMAin Field Journal was created. The field journal is the perfect companion to the game RHEMAin.
  • Where do you ship?
    Currently, our products only ship within the US. Nonetheless, we plan to ship internationally in the near future.
  • Is the purpose of the RHEMAin game to simply memorize scripture?
    Yes and No. The purpose of the RHEMAin game is to gain wisdom and then memorize. DO NOT just merely memorize the bible passages. It's very important that you put your passage into context before memorizing. Work to answer the following questions prior to memorizing: Who wrote the scripture? Who was he writing to? Why was the scripture written? (was there an issue being addressed?) How does your scripture fit into the overall narrative of the letter? How does the message impact us today? I encourage you to get the RHEMAin Field Journal as its designed to walk you through these steps.
  • How do you handle refunds, returns, and exchanges?
    If you’ve received damaged goods then send an email to mross@revelatorgames.com and we’ll send replacement parts.
  • Okay...I've memorized 10 new Bible scriptures...what next?
    -Write each the scriptures that you've memorized on an index card -Continue to review those scriptures regularly adding newly memorized scriptures to the mix -Incorporate the scriptures into your prayers -Continue to listen to what God's reveals to you regarding each scripture I personally keep all of my memorized scriptures in an index card storage box and I review them regularly.
  • What if a player misses a game session?
    Things happen...people will miss game sessions. Upon their return, they will have to recite the last scripture received. The challenges will enable players to catch up with the group. When rolling the standard die, shoot for the 6 😁
  • How long does it take to complete a game?
    If you're playing with 10 people, it could take 8 to 10 weeks. This game was designed by a small group leader for small group meetings.
  • What translation did you use in the game development?
    We used NIV translation. Nonetheless, you can recite whatever translation that you're comfortable with. Just make sure that the group is aware of the translation that you've memorized.
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